How to Match Your Clothes With Your Watch

How do you match your clothes to match your watch?

Over the years, the most successful men in the world have known and understood the secret. Most men have not yet grasped the concept. Nature does not care who you are. As long as you follow the principles you will be successful. If you do not follow the principles, you will fail. The secret that successful people know is that your outfit and your watch tell people who you really are. As the saying goes, action speaks louder than words. It is not only your outfit and watch that matters, but how you combine and match them.

Successful people know how to combine and match their expensive outfits to their exclusive and luxurious watches. A man who does not know how to match the two can be thought to be disorganized and therefore, might not be as respected by his fellow men and women. A person who knows how to match his watch and his outfit has high self-esteem because he is respected and though to be orderly and civilized. The one question that is probably ringing on your mind right now is: how can I match my watch to my outfit?

Most men can argue that a watch should be matched to an outfit on the basis of the band. However, there are other factors that come into play. Men who research this topic usually have a wide selection of watches from which they can choose from. They have a high interest in watches. A man who wears a watch every day in his daily activities can do more than what he is doing to match and look better. The color of your watch also speaks volume. Therefore, when matching your watch to your outfit, think of the color of your shirt and suit. Generally, a dark shirt or suit matches with a golden or silver watch.  Other factors to think about are the color of your belt, cufflinks, rings, sunglasses and other accessories. A silver/golden watch will match with black cufflinks. A black watch will match with a golden ring/cufflinks/belt.

A good watch usually has a high quality leather band. The band can either be brown or black and should have a good simple finish. A man who is into style and fashion will usually have a variety of watches with different strap colors. This will enable him to match the different types of outfit to his watch with ease. This is very important especially when it comes to dressing formally. Often, black or brown straps will match with most formal outfits since most formal outfits are usually dark colors for men. Men who wear bright colors (orange, yellow, red) in a formal setting may not regarded to be serious with their work.

When wearing a casual or a sports watch, think of a color scheme like navy blue, silver or black. Ideally, the silver straps should be made out of metal. Such a watch should be water resistant, dust resistant and tough due to the extreme situations that it might get exposed to for example surfing, swimming, jogging et cetera. These watches can be worn with any casual outfit. In general, the sports watch should be more detailed and larger than formal watches. Sports watches are usually designed for work wear. When going for a vacation or holiday, think of carrying and wearing a sports watch rather than a formal one.

Many men today are now embracing the pocket watch. The pocket watch is traditional and most people think of it as old fashioned. A pocket watch has been described as eclectic and classic. A pocket watch is very important when it comes to formal events. For example, at a wedding, you might decide to give the groom a pocket watch as a gift. In such an event, it is not wise wearing an actual watch as it shows that you are focused on time rather than the event. Since we are creatures of habit; you might find yourself glaring at your wrist from time to time instead of focusing on the event. With a pocket watch, you can wear an outfit of any color without necessarily thinking if your watch will match to it. A pocket watch could be used during dates or any form of meetings which require your undivided attention.

To conclude, your outfit communicates your environment. Someone who wears an expensive suit can be thought to be from the business or political world. A man who dresses casually (t-shirt and jeans) can be thought to be relaxing or having a day off from work. Different types of watch brands can be meant to be worn in different types of environment. Just like how a Rolex is designed to be worn at work with official outfits rather than casual. Omega brand is designed to be worn with casual outfits rather than official. Therefore, when matching your outfit to your watch, always think about the brand of the watch and what it may communicate.

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