6 Things to Know About Montblanc

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If you are familiar with the luxury market, you have probably heard of Montblanc.

Those of you who are solely focused on timepieces might even think that this company is a watch specialist, but this is not the case. In fact, if you ask someone a bit older about Montblanc, they will probably start talking to you about pens! If this sounds strange, then keep reading below to learn a little bit more about this amazing brand.

1: They Are Best Known for Their Pens

If you ever visit the office of a CEO or successful entrepreneur, there is one thing that you will likely see sitting on their desk: A luxury pen. Though this may seem silly to some of you, luxury pens are incredibly popular, especially among the upper crust of society. If you take a closer look at that pen, there is a good chance it will be Montblanc. The origins of this pen manufacturer go back to 1906, when their founders purchased a simple fountain pen company and decided to revamp it. Within a few years, they were making luxurious gold pens that soon became an exceptionally sought-after product. Since its origin, Montblanc has set the standard for luxury pens and it continues to innovate the industry to this day.

2: Their History is Longer Than it Seems

Montblanc began production of their watches in 1997. This may seem old to some but considering the centuries-long histories of many big-name manufacturers, it is quite short. Given that new companies often make inferior products and critical mistakes, this might make you shy away from them. Luckily, Montblanc introduced their watches to the world in the best way possible. Instead of starting from scratch, they decided to buy longstanding Swiss watch factories. One of those factories once went by the name Minerva and has been crafting timepieces since the 1800’s. The point is this: Though Montblanc is somewhat new in the watch market, their production team has been expertly crafting pieces for well over one hundred years.

3: They Have An Impressive Perpetual Calendar

Before we explain how Montblanc is involved, let’s go over what a perpetual calendar is. It is a watch face that tells the wearer the month, day, day of the week, and whether or not it is a leap year. When Montblanc introduced the Meisterstuck Heritage Perpetual Calendar, they shocked the watch world. This was for two reasons. First, crafting a perpetual calendar is extremely difficult. Second, because they offered it at a relatively low price compared to other perpetual calendar watches. What was so important about this model was that is proved to the watch world that Montblanc is here to stay. They successfully created an extraordinarily complex movement and did so for a reasonable price.

4: The Wolverine Wears Them

Every watch company has their famous brand ambassadors, but Montblanc might have the coolest one in the world: Hugh Jackman. What this ambassador does is personify the brand with his class, prestige, and masculinity. Not only does he appear in advertisements and attend promotional events, but he sports them in his day to day life. As far as celebrity endorsements go, there are few better than Jackman.

5: Their CEO Means Business

One of the best things you can do to grow a company is bringing in an experienced and innovative CEO. This is precisely what Montblanc did in 2013 by hiring Jerome Lambert. Before coming to Montblanc, Lambert spent years heading Jaeger-LeCoultre. In his time there, he took the brand from being a moderately respected name to one of the top sellers in the world. Lambert plans to do the same for Montblanc. One thing that he made clear when he joined is that Montblanc will not be putting their pen business aside and solely pursuing watches. Instead, he wants to keep the companies roots while also expanding their timepiece market share. Considering how well the last few years have gone, it is safe to say they he is achieving that goal.

6: They are Part of an Esteemed Family

One thing you learn when you delve into the world of watches is that many individual companies are owned by a larger parent company. This is the case for Montblanc, which is part of the Richemont family. This group owns scores of luxury watch manufacturers, including IWC, Cartier, and A. Lange & Söhne. With company like this, it is easy to understand why Montblanc watches are so great.

If you are in the market for a new watch, we hope you consider Montblanc. This historic brand makes excellent timepieces and has thousands of happy customers to back them up. Hopefully, the information we have provided today informs your decision and helps you find the perfect watch.

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