7 Things to Know About Rolex Watches

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In the world of watches, when someone says “luxury,” you think Rolex. Due to a stellar product, an unmatched reputation, and a massive marketing effort, Rolex has become a household name. Even those with no interest and knowledge of watches can recognize the name and signature designs of Rolex. The logical question is: Why? Below, we will tell you 7 things you need to know about Rolex watches and why they are the best brand on the market.

1: Rolex Movements Are All Hand-Assembled

Maybe one of the most pervasive myths about Rolex is that they are machine assembled. This piece of disinformation is often posited as a reason for why Rolex’s aren’t as special as people think they are. We’re here to set the record straight. Of course, machines are used at certain points in the process. When you have the reputation of Rolex, you need your watches to work perfectly every time. Because of this, the individual parts in their watches are machine-made for the ultimate precision. Once all of the machine required pieces are finished, they are assembled by hand.

2: It Takes A Long Time to Build A Rolex

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You may have heard this interesting fact before because it has been used in Rolex advertising. It sounds fishy. A whole year for one watch? It is absolutely true, though. Each watch is produced with incredible precision and with the finest materials. No shortcuts are taken in production, and that production takes a very long time. An example of precision taking longer is their production of hour markers. Each marker is applied by hand, rather than by machine. This ensures that no watch is made with errors in placement.

3: Virtually Everything Is Made In-House

A typical practice for watch companies is not importing their materials from China and assembling them in their factory. Not Rolex. At the Rolex facility, nearly every material is produced in-house. They build their own cases, gold, bezels, dials, bracelets, and movements on-site to ensure the highest possible quality. This adds to their mystique, too. Nobody can copy Rolex because their entire process is kept in-house.

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4: They Have Insane Security

If you think about the materials Rolexes are made out of, this makes a lot of sense. Not only are they a sought-after brand, but their products are made from precious metals and often incorporate priceless jewels. The result? An incredibly sophisticated security system. First, employees must have a badge and a fingerprint scan to enter the facility, and each individual part is given a serial number to keep track of it. For completed watches, there is an impenetrable safe that must be accessed through an eye scan. Rolexes are too valuable to leave anything to chance.

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5: They Are Worn By The Original James Bond

Though the James Bond watch endorsement has been sold to many companies throughout the years, the very first Bond books and movies chose Rolex. The suavest and most sophisticated man in the world needed a watch to wear. Naturally, he chose Rolex.

6: They Have A Lot of “Firsts”

The Rolex reputation is not just based on their modern product. It is based on the company being a technological leader in the industry for over a century. Here are a few achievements that Rolex was first to:

  • In 1910, they produced the first wristwatch that was chronometer certified. Before Rolex, only bulky pocket watches could achieve such precision. Rolex was able to master precise movement at a smaller scale.
  • In 1926, Rolex produced the Oyster, the world’s first waterproof watch. In the modern watch world, this is a standard feature, but in 1926 it was unheard of. Later, they produced the first watch that could withstand 100m depth.
  • In 1985, Rolex was the first company to start producing watches with the superior 904L steel. More on this below.

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7: They Use “Special Steel”

Not all stainless steel is created equal. The standard stainless steel that most watches is made out of is given the designation 316L. This is the industry standard, and it is a standard that Rolex themselves followed for many years. Then, they made the switch to the superior 904L. 904L has a few key advantages. First, it resists rust and corrosion better. There is nothing more disappointing than your luxury watch rusting. Rolex makes sure that doesn’t happen by using the best steel available. Second, 904L has a certain shine that other steel does not. The result is a better-looking watch that holds a polish longer. The reason this steel is essentially only used by Rolex is simple: It is significantly more valuable. Most companies will not sacrifice their margins to produce a better product, but Rolex will.

Rolex has built an undeniable reputation over the years. The uninformed will chalk this up to smart marketing, but real watch enthusiasts know the truth: Rolex has the highest standards and the best products. For all of the reasons we have presented today, the Rolex mystique is well earned!

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