MeisterSinger Single-Hand Watches: Are They Any Good?

MeisterSinger Single-Hand Watches

MeisterSinger watches are unique additions to any enthusiast’s collection. Because of their uncommon aesthetic, each of these timepieces is a must-have for every collector. The unique selling point of the brand, however, doesn’t only rely on its facade. Timepieces from MeisterSinger are also the embodiment of mastery in horology.

So, what makes the brand stand out? Their single-hand watches! At present, the brand is making waves in the industry, delighting both watch connoisseurs and novice alike. The brand’s aesthetic speaks elegance as a dress watch. But its mechanics work like magic. Want to know how their timepieces work? Read on to learn about it and more.

History of MeisterSinger

Manfred Brassler founded the brand back in 2001. He had the vision of creating a timepiece that exhibits time differently from others. He wants it to display time as “something constantly racing along”. Seeing that people get worked up with the hectic passing of seconds, Brassler focuses only on what’s important. So instead of creating another traditional-looking watch, Brassler takes the road less travelled. With this intention, he crafts timepieces that focus on what’s important.

Brassler takes inspiration from historical single-hand clocks. For instance, the Palazzo Vecchio in Italy and Westminster Abbey in England. These towering single-hand clocks display only what’s important. With this in mind, Brassler took on a challenge to show time accurately with only a single hand.

MeisterSinger Single-Hand Watch
Photo courtesy of MeisterSinger

But Brassler’s wit takes him to great heights when he crafts his first single-hand watches. With practical dials, watches under the brand display incredible readability. It uses the same principle as classical gauges and measuring instruments. This not only became a unique design but also a distinct trait for MeisterSinger watches.

However, it’s not only the single hand that sets MeisterSinger watches apart from others. It’s noticeable that there are leading zeroes on the hour digits. One also finds high domed glasses on each watch and 144 five-minute strokes. Primarily, the brand’s collections only differ visually and mechanically through its movements. Nevertheless, the company continues to innovate with models that display a range of watches. More complex models show not only time but also the weekday, date, and even a second timezone. But you won’t be seeing a typical chronograph as in other watches. Brassler includes an open date and time disks to pursue the single-hand idea. Furthermore, this promotes the celestial mechanics where we base time measurement upon.

The MSH Movement

MeisterSinger MSH Movement
Photo courtesy of MeisterSinger

With the company’s continuous search for technical sophistication comes the MSH movement. This movement is not only powerful but also elegant in the ideal sense. It has two mainspring barrels, therefore, providing a sufficient 120-hour power reserve. The movement’s in-series design also ensure simultaneous winding of the mainspring barrels. This guarantees phenomenal precision for the timepiece. Additionally, the company has also integrated sprung teeth to the movement. This reduces the backlash to practically zero for better accuracy. With a closer look, we can also find details that are works of true masters of the craft. Moreover, the elaborate circular graining and highly polished bevelled chambers complete the movement. Not to mention, the engraving with gold inlay adds luxe and refinement to the piece. All things considered, the MSH movement is one of the most accurate in the industry today.

Recognised by the German Design Award and Red Dot Design Award, the MSH Movement, indeed, is one for the books.

MeisterSinger: A Gamechanger in the industry

Some brands only have single-hand watches for certain collections, but MeisterSinger upholds this trait. This sets them apart from the competition, making them an easy choice for collectors. But more than the aesthetic, the features of each of their watches prove themselves to be functional for any wearer. The watches are not only pleasing to the eye but also perfect for any day on any occasion. Need more convincing? Check out each for the offerings from MeisterSinger you won’t be able to resist.

MeisterSinger Masterpieces Collection

Most — if not all — of the brand’s watches showcase powerful movements and impeccable design. They also embrace fine craftsmanship that’s visible at first glance. But the Masterpieces collection stand out for its exquisite attributes. Powered by either automatic or manual movement, the collection brings precision on a whole new level. To list, the family includes the models Circularis and Lunascope. Furthermore, the company launches Circularis with a power reserve indicator as well as an automatic modification. Not to mention, watches under this collection all have water-resistance of up to 50 metres.

1. Circularis Single-Hand Mechanical

MeisterSinger Circularis
Photo courtesy of MeisterSinger

The Circularis models are one of the brand’s top of the line models. The model combines the style and technical sophistication that make MeisterSinger. Powering the base model is the MSH01 movement. This ensures precision by allowing the hand to move without the slightest deviation. As aforementioned, the MSH01 has a 120-hour power reserve. The iF Design Award and the German Design Award both recognise the model. Every detail of the watch is especially well-thought-of by the design team. Every detail matches the colours that make up the watch. From the dial to the minute scale and hour hand, the colourways are overall pleasing to the eyes. Pictured above is the Cicularis in Ivory.

2. Circularis Single-Hand Automatic

MeisterSinger Circularis Automatic
Photo courtesy of MeisterSinger

Meanwhile, the Circularis Automatic is, you guessed it, powered by the company’s first automatic calibre. The MSA01 whose just as excellent precision as the manual calibre. The indexes of the Circularis Automatic also has Superluminova for optimal readability even in the dark.  The watch is also a bit bigger than the base Circularis model that’s 40mm in diameter at 43mm. It also has a date window as an additional feature. Above is the model in Old Radium with a tungsten rotor as well as an alligator leather strap.

3. Circularis Power Reserve

MeisterSinger Circularis Power Reserve
Photo courtesy of MeisterSinger

Just like the Circularis Automatic, the Circularis Power Reserve is 43mm in diameter and has a date window. However, this watch is technically not single-hand as its power reserve indicator has a small hand of its own. Nevertheless, this model still embodies the principle of time according to MeisterSinger. This model comes in Sunburst Steel Grey and alligator leather strap as seen above. All Circularis watches feature an exhibition caseback that allows a great view of its movements.

4. Lunascope Automatic

Meistersinger Lunascope
Photo courtesy of MeisterSinger

Lunascope is the brand’s first-ever astronomical watch. It showcases an unusually large moon-phase display. Reminiscent of the night sky as the moon moves across the dark blue, starry background, the watch displays the moon’s various phases from new to full. The Lunascope also displays far better accuracy than other astronomical watches. This model only needs slight adjustment every 128 years versus other models. This alone allows for the iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award to award its design. Above is the Lunascope in Sunburst Blue, strapped by cognac calf leather with alligator grain.

MeisterSinger Classic Collection

This collection is quintessentially MeisterSinger, upholding the principles of the brand through its various models. According to the company, the designs in this family are also the origin of the brand. The models in this collection display understated aesthetics in addition to its high-powered mechanisms. If it’s not yet obvious, these models are ideally the beginning of all other MeisterSinger designs. Not only does it have the double-digit index numbers but it also has the needle-fine single hour hand.

1. N°01

MeisterSinger No 01
Photo courtesy of MeisterSinger

The N°01 is the original MeisterSinger. This model is 43mm in diameter is water-resistant for up to 50 metres. A Sellita hand-wound movement powers the watch that, made in Switzerland. Furthermore, the stainless steel case has a domed sapphire glass for durability. At the back, you’ll find the fermata pattern that is the MeisterSinger hallmark. Not to mention, it’s the first design that won the  Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award. It’s also available in a 40mm diameter version. Pictured above is the N°01 in Ivory.

2. N°03

MeisterSinger No 03
Photo courtesy of MeisterSinger

This automatic version of the classic design is an innovative upgrade of its predecessor. Underneath its stainless steel case is a Swiss automatic movement. It also comes in a Bronze version that is an elegant version of the model. The Bronze version, as well as the 40mm versions, have date windows. The above model features a Sunburst Blue N°03 strapped with a Milanese bracelet.

MeisterSinger Classic Plus Collection

The Classic Plus collection is a sight to behold. Each intricately crafted design suits the taste of its patrons. While these designs look more complicated than the Classic, it certainly has more to offer. From a date dial to a weekday dial, you’ll find all your time essentials on these single-hand watches. Yes, despite its added features, the models in the collections remain to be single-handed. Under this collection, you’ll find the Astroscope, Pangaea Day Date as well as the Perigraph.

1. Astroscope

The Astroscope looks at time in an ancient perspective without losing its wearer in the idea. It shows time only in alphanumeric characters but also through celestial bodies and symbols.

Meistersinger Astroscope
Photo courtesy of MeisterSinger
It’s no secret that the sun and the moon tell us when it’s day and it’s night. It also indicates the 12 months of the year as observed. However, seven-day weeks follow a more mythological background. These dates back to the Babylonians who considered ‘7’ as a holy number. To them, the number 7 represents the seven heavenly bodies: namely, the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. Just like how we named most planets after the Roman gods, days of the week correspond to Norse mythology. With this in mind, the Astroscope displays days of the week differently from other models. It’s neither linear nor radial. It is, therefore, told through constellations that only occurs every 10 to 12 years.
Powered by a Swiss automatic movement, this watch is definitely a must-have. Above is the Astroscope in Old Radium.

2. Pangaea Day Date

Meistersinger Pangaea Day Date
Photo courtesy of MeisterSinger

The Pangaea day Date needs no extra hands to show the date as well as the week. It remains to be a single-hand watch and more. The date and weekday rings remain balanced at the centre of the dial rotating openly through. Below the 12 o’clock position, you’ll find the current day that moves at midnight with the current date. This model is a sophisticated new way of telling time. As a matter of fact, it coveted multiple awards for its design and typography. The 40mm case is water-resistant for up to 50 metres. Meanwhile, covering the dial is a domed sapphire glass. Moreover, you can view the Swiss automatic movement on its glass exhibition caseback. The model above is a Pangaea Day Date with a Sunburst Steel Blue dial and Sand Gray day and date rings.

3. Perigraph

Meistersinger Perigraph
Photo courtesy of MeisterSinger

Now it’s not surprising to find unusual designs from MeisterSinger. Perigraph is one of them. Like the Pangaea Day Date, it also has a date feature. But it’s not displayed as your typical window. It’s also in a ring at the centre of the dial. This watch is also a winner of several awards such as Red Dot Design Award and the GOOD Design Award. Not to mention, the Perigraph also became Watch of the Year. Furthermore, the watch has a 43mm stainless steel case with a domed sapphire glass covering the dial. It’s also water-resistant for up to 50 metres. The Swiss automatic movement is viewable through the glass caseback. This also provides the watch with a 38-hour power reserve. The Perigraph pictured above is in Sunburst Blue with white hand and indexes.

MeisterSinger New Vintage Collection

The New Vintage collection looks back on the bygone days of design and aesthetic. It’s a complete throwback that will have you wondering what it’s like to wear the watch back then. However, it’s a lot more than classics brought back. The collection features innovative designs that are reminiscent of those eras. For instance, the Vintago pays tribute to the ’60s but remains perfectly fit in today’s standards. Moreover, these designs delight with the true MeisterSinger principle of single-hand watches and understated fashion.

1. Neo

Meistersinger Neo Plus
Photo courtesy of MeisterSinger

Neo looks as if it came straight right from the 1950s with its narrow bezel and flat Hesalite glass. The neat modern aesthetic of the mid-20th century undoubtedly lives in this design. You’ll also sneak a look at the date window at 6 o’clock. The Neo is only 36mm in diameter, perfect for delicate wrists. However, it has a bigger sister (quite literally) through the Neo Plus. It’s just like the Neo but at 4 mm in diameter. Now, there’s no need to worry about having the same discreet elegance fitting all. The featured model above is the Neo Plus in Ivory with a black date window.

2. Vintago

Meistersinger Vintago
Photo courtesy of MeisterSinger

Vintago is an elegant take on a remarkable era. The 1960s marks the rise of the austere design aesthetic. The watch embraces just that with this model. It has purely functional typography and flat glass on an unadorned dial. It is sleek in a 38mm diameter that is also typical in the ’60s. Not to mention, the Vintago has a carefully designed crown that embodies the era. Setting the design apart from its siblings is the calendar days displayed in an arch at 3 o’clock. The Vintago in Ivory is seen on the photo above.

3. Metris

Meistersinger Metris
Photo courtesy of MeisterSinger

The Metris is your perfect travel companion for a MeisterSinger watch. It’s robust and easy to read and can also accompany you for, say, a swim in the open seas. What makes the Metris stand out among other models is its dynamic case as well as its conical flanks. However, it still holds the hallmarks of the brand’s single-hand watches. Durable with 200m water resistance, its protected crown also adds sturdiness to the watch. The above model is a MeisterSinger Metris with customised straps.

A Versatile & Unique Watch

In conclusion, MeisterSinger watches will definitely make everyone give you a second look. Their designs are versatile and also cater to minimalists and maximalists alike. The brand provides not only style but also precision through their award-winning creations. If you’re in need of a unique timepiece, MeisterSinger certainly is for you.


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