Omega Speedmaster Racing: Perfect for the Avid Racer

Omega Speedmaster Racing Ref. 326.

Racing has always been an intense sport. Furthermore, speed is not the only thing that matters in a race. It is also about staying in control behind the wheel and understanding the proper mechanics of time and distance. This is why a prepared professional race car driver will almost always have a good racing watch. Its complications provide race car drivers with quite an advantage in the sport, as having a clear sense of time paves the way for drivers to accurately measure their speed in each lap or throughout the race.

One exceptional racing watch series that has been beloved by race car drivers over the years is the Omega Speedmaster Racing sub-collection. The Omega Speedmaster collection has always been home to some excellent tool watches, from the space-ready Omega Speedmaster Professional to the sailing-dedicated Omega Speedmaster X-33 Regatta. But when it comes to racing, there could be no companion more reliable than the Omega Speedmaster Racing.

Read on to find out more about the Omega Speedmaster Racing Ref. 326., its specifications, and all the ways it can assist you on the track.


Like all the other Omega Speedmaster watches, the Omega Speedmaster Racing Ref. 326. shows off a sleek and professional appearance, exactly what you would expect out of a top-notch tool watch. On top of possessing all the complications a professional racer might need, this timepiece also showcases a streamlined design. This design perfectly encapsulates the speed and accuracy that defines this racing watch.


Omega Speedmaster Racing Ref. 326.

The Omega Speedmaster Racing Ref. 326. is presented in a 40mm stainless steel case and matching three-link bracelet. The stainless steel case and bracelet are both extremely robust and resistant to scratches and shocks. This is very important for surviving a high-impact sport like racing. That said, the case’s 40mm case diameter is quite slender for a men’s watch. While it can fit wrists of all sizes, it might look a tad small on those with larger or thicker wrists.

The Omega Speedmaster Racing’s streamlined appearance is also enhanced by its thin, bevelled lugs, which slant inwards to make the case look a little smaller. The case, lugs, and bracelet all show off a lovely polished finish. They give the watch an extraordinarily lustrous look that simply shines under the light.


On the right side of the case, you can find a protruding, well-sized crown, surrounded by two pushers used to control the watch’s chronograph functions. The crown and pushers, which are almost the same size, look quite similar, creating a uniform appearance that is pleasing to view from afar. The main differences between them are that the crown comes with grooved edges, which allows wearers to grip and turn it more easily. The crown also bears an embossed image of Omega’s greek letter logo on its top.

Placed on top of the case is a thin stainless steel bezel, fitted with a black aluminium insert. This insert is marked with a handy tachymeter scale, which allows racers to quickly calculate the speed at which they are travelling. The tachymeter’s indicators are all in white, which stands out more legibly against the black backdrop of the insert.


Finally, flipping the Omega Speedmaster Racing over, you can find a solid caseback, also made of stainless steel. The case back is carefully engraved with the signature Omega Speedmaster seahorse emblem. This provides the watch with more of a fancy edge. It is tightly screwed down, keeping the inner mechanisms of the watch sealed shut from any external moisture or dust. Thanks to the screw-down case back and crown, the Omega Speedmaster Racing has a solid water resistance rating of 100 metres. As a result, this watch can easily survive some watersports activities like snorkelling and swimming.


The dial of the Omega Speedmaster Racing Ref. 326. comes in a gorgeous silver-white hue. This dial is quite packed quite full of features. However, thanks to its clean white finish and carefully planned layout, it manages to avoid looking too busy or complicated. In fact, the Omega Speedmaster Racing’s ability to pull off an elegant, deceptively simple dial is part of its sophisticated appeal, which makes this watch versatile enough to even serve as a dress watch.

The dial of this watch comprises rectangular hour indices and slender grey-tone sword hands that sweep efficiently across the dial. The hour indices are outlined in black, so they stand out more clearly against the white dial. On the rim of the dial, you can also find a subtle minute track with black stick indicators and double-digit Arabic numerals, which are marked in five-minute intervals.

This Omega Speedmaster Racing also has a chronograph layout, with three chronograph sub-dials that are neatly spaced out around the dial. Putting a certain amount of space between each sub-dial ensures that they are not too cluttered together, making them easier to read at just a glance. Each sub-dial shows off an exquisite white honeycomb pattern, which distinguishes them from the rest of the silver-white dial.

The two larger sub-dials, for the 30-minute and 60-minute counters, replace the 3 and 9 o’clock markers. Meanwhile, the 12-hour counter is located at 6 o’clock. A sizeable date complication with bold black text sits at 6 o’clock, overlapping the 12-hour chronograph.


Omega Calibre 3330
Image courtesy of Omega

The Omega Speedmaster Racing Ref. 326. runs on the in-house Omega Calibre 3300. This is a self-winding movement that provides precise date, time, and chronograph functions, as seen on the dial. When fully wound, this calibre can last for up to 54 hours. This means that you can easily leave this watch aside for a weekend without ever having to worry about winding it. Held together by 31 jewels, this movement also has a reported accuracy rate of +6/-4 seconds, which allows for fairly precise timekeeping.


The price for the Omega Speedmaster Racing Ref. 326. starts at around $3,700 USD. Considering its top-notch racing watch functions, durable build, and versatile aesthetic, the Omega Speedmaster Racing is well worth this price. Indeed, if you want a hardy timepiece that can accompany you on both the racetrack and the dress floor, then you should definitely consider the Omega Speedmaster Racing.

Alternatives to the Omega Speedmaster Racing

1. Chopard Grand Prix De Monaco Ref. 168570-3002


Chopard Grand Prix De Monaco Ref. 168570-3002

The Chopard Grand Prix De Monaco Ref. 168570-3002 is a staple from the Chopard Classic Racing collection. This collection offers simple racing watches that can be used by any racer, whether it is a professional or a beginner. Unlike most of the other watches in the Classic Racing series, the Chopard Grand Prix De Monaco Ref. 168570-3002 stands out with its handy chronograph functions.

This Chopard watch comes in a 44.5mm solid titanium case and a comfortable black fabric strap with lovely white and orange highlights. The lightweight titanium case offers maximum durability while also ensuring the watch does not feel too heavy on the wrist. Like the Omega Speedmaster Racing, this watch also has a depth rating of 100 metres.

The grey and white dial of the Chopard Grand Prix De Monaco Ref. 168570-3002 gives it a classic and more professional look. Instead of opting for overly vibrant and distracting colours, Chopard’s use of subtle shades of white and grey enhance this watch’s seriousness and make it easier to read. A compact rectangular date aperture in black also sits at 3 o’clock.

The Chopard Grand Prix De Monaco Ref. 168570-3002 retails at $5,200 USD.

2. SINN The Rallye Ref. 917.012-Solid-FLSS

SINN The Rallye Ref. 917.012-Solid-FLSS

If you are more into heritage or vintage watches, look no further than the SINN The Rallye Ref. 917.012-Solid-FLSS. The German brand SINN is known for manufacturing classic, timeless watches that go beyond generation gaps. Indeed, this SINN The Rallye watch will surely tickle your retro fancies.

The SINN The Rallye Ref. 917.012-Solid-FLSS uses a 44mm stainless steel case and a bracelet made of the same material. This watch comes with Ar-dehumidifying technology, which prevents any fogging or moisture build-up inside the case. This ensures that the watch face is clear and easily readable at all times. The watch also has a solid water resistance capacity of 100 metres.

An off-white dial is used to complete this watch’s vintage design. The dial contains Arabic numeral hour markers in black, slim plume hands, and three chronograph sub-dials, making this a bonafide racing watch. The sub-dials serve as the 12-hour, 60-second, and 30-minute chronograph counters.

This SINN Instrument Chronographs watch sells at $3,250 USD.

3. TAG Heuer Formula 1 Ref. CAZ2012.BA0876

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Ref. CAZ2012.BA0876

Lastly, a racing watch list would not be complete without mentioning TAG Heuer—one of the most popular race watch brands in the market. If you are looking for an affordable and straightforward race watch, then the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Ref. CAZ2012.BA0876 is the best choice for you.

This TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch utilises a 44mm stainless steel case and matching stainless steel bracelet, and a solid steel caseback. An anti-reflective sapphire crystal guards the watch face, protecting it from any scratches and impacts. This watch also possesses a depth rating of 200 metres. This is quite impressive for a racing watch and is greater than the depth rating offered by any of the watches listed above.

The dial shows off a textured grey finish, which gives the watch a very sleek and refined look. It comprises applique hour indices, thick sword hands, and three chronograph sub-dials. These chronograph sub-dials come in dark grey and help total consistency in this watch’s serious and rugged style. The modern look of this watch makes it suitable for use as both a dress watch and an everyday piece for casual occasions.

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Ref. CAZ2012.BA0876 costs approximately $2,500 USD. It is one of the best budget-friendly alternatives to the Omega Speedmaster Racing.

Final Thoughts

The Omega Speedmaster Racing might not be the most robust-looking race watch in the market today, but it does feature some impressive elements for racing. Thus, those who are seeking a stylish and high-functioning racing watch that can improve a racer’s life on the track should definitely consider the Omega Speedmaster Racing.


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Featured image courtesy of Omega Official

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