6 Cool Things to Know About IWC Watches

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If you’re a watch buff, you’ve probably heard of the brand International Watch Company, AKA, IWC. They are one of the biggest names in the Swiss luxury market and have some of the most popular pieces in the $3,000-$15,000 dollar price range. While a casual watch fan may only know about one or two watch brands, an experienced collector will no doubt have heard of, respect, the famous IWC. If you’re in the market for buying one, or just interested in the brand, you’ll love our list of facts below.

1: IWC Was Founded by an American

While IWC produces their watches in Switzerland, their founder was actually American. His name was Florentine Ariosto Jones, and he was a Boston resident before leaping watch manufacturing. When he traveled to Switzerland to start his watch brand, he combined the best of both worlds. First, he brought American business acumen and manufacturing efficiency. He then coupled that with the excellent reputation of Swiss precision. The result was highly efficient, beautiful watches that soon became world-renowned.

2: They Have A Very Long History

One of the best indicators of a great watch company is longevity. Newer companies might make excellent products, but there is something about having over one hundred years of experience that can’t be imitated. IWC has that kind of experience and more. The aforementioned Florentine Ariosto Jones founded his watch company in 1868. That is a full one hundred and fifty years of watchmaking experience! Think about a skill you have learned yourself. In the beginning, you’re not so good at it, but after a few months or years, you become so good that it becomes second nature. Now think about having one hundred and fifty years to hone your craft. That gives you an idea of just how fantastic IWC watches are.

3: They Are the Perfect Father-Son Gift

Many years ago, the IWC marketing department dreamed up a fantastic new plan. They decided to heavily market matching watches to fathers and sons. This wasn’t just some marketing ploy, though. They have the design to back it up. These watch sets feature a very similar aesthetic design but have different sizes and capabilities. The sons watch is smaller due to his smaller size. It also only has a 48-hour power reserve and a few other limitations. Dad’s watch is larger and has more capabilities. For a father that is looking to share something with his son, there is no better choice than IWC.

4: They Are Isolated From Other Companies

While the entirety of Switzerland gets credit for their watchmaking prowess, most Swiss watch companies are clumped together in certain watchmaking districts of the country. In this respect, IWC is unique. Instead of producing their watches near the other watch giants, they choose to operate in the area of Schaffhausen. The original reason for this is that Florentine Ariosto Jones wanted to power his factory with a nearby hydro plant. IWC is the only brand that produces in Eastern Switzerland, making them one of a kind among Swiss watch manufacturers.

5: They Have An Underrated Women’s Line

In modern times, IWC is known primarily as a men’s brand. The reason for this is a marketing and design decision made in the early 2000’s. The decision had two parts. First, make thicker, larger watches that men will like more. The second was the market those watches heavily towards a male audience. The result has been more sales to men, but also an underrated women’s line. IWC was not always known as this. In fact, their women’s line was very sought after in previous generations. Those women’s pieces are still as high-quality and elegant as they once were, making IWC an excellent pick for men and women alike.

6: Their Management is Cutting Edge

In the modern world, it seems like everybody with power is consolidating and growing that power. We see this in the business world with CEOs, who often increase their salaries and influence even when the company is not doing well. We also see it in governments and pretty much every other organization. The parent company of IWC, Richemont, has gone the opposite way. They decentralized power within their company and given each of their individual watch companies more power and freedom to grow as they please. The result is less bureaucracy and better results.

You’ve heard the name IWC over and over, but before today, likely never knew the substance behind the brand. Now you do. IWC has many ways they charm potential customers, but the ones on this list are some of the best and most interesting. If you’re in the market for a new luxury watch, consider IWC. Hopefully, now that you know a bit more about them, you will be convinced that they are the right choice for you. No matter which IWC watch you choose to buy, you are sure to love it.

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