8 Amazing Things You Need to Know About Baselworld

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MAFor luxury watch and jewellery affecionados, Baselworld is, by a mile, the most anticipated event of the year. It’s a gathering of all the major players in the watch industry. And there is absolutely no better show in the world.

The sheer amount of leading watch brands that launch a new collection and colourfully display their products is astonishing. It remains a fact that the direction of the jewellery industry for the next year is determined at Baselworld. The hype that surrounds the yearly showpiece at the heart of Basel, Switzerland is more than justified.

Baselworld has grown by leaps and bounds, from an ordinary, ambitious watch fair to the biggest and best watch show anywhere in the world. So here are some things you need to know about Baselworld.

1. Baselworld Is the Grandest of Its Kind

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Baselworld is no doubt the most widely publicized watch fair in the world and it’s easy for people to wonder just how big it is. The most recent celebration of the event covered not less than 1.5 million square feet, spanning across numerous buildings.

Baselworld lasts for a whole week, attracting more than 1500 big names in the luxury watch and jewellery industry including manufacturers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. About 200,000 people gather in Basel every year to witness the showpiece and close to 4,000 journalists come around to report the proceedings at Baselworld.

If you had any doubt about Baselworld’s status as the grandest luxury watch showpiece all over the world, we hope this bit of information has dispelled your doubts.

2. The Event Sets Trends For The Luxury Watch Industry

The sheer number of leading brands the event attracts is what puts it ahead and above other similar shows. The launch of the next best collections takes place at this event. It’s the watch industry’s equivalent of the Detroit Auto Show.

If you are looking to predict future trends in the luxury watch industry, Baselworld is definitely the place to be. The widespread media coverage also adds to the allure. Quite simply, it is where you will find all the established brands in the luxury watch industry and where every upcoming brand aspires to be.

3. Expect To See All The Top Brands

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All the leading luxury watch brands showcase their finest collections at Baselworld. There are perhaps a few exceptions, though.

Luxury watch and jewellery brands under the Richemont group are conspicuously absent at the event. The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), another annual watch fair in Geneva is where you would find brands like IWC, Cartier, Panerai, etc.

But besides the brands mentioned, every other name that matters in the world of luxury watches are present at Baselworld. Think Rolex, TAG Heuer, Breguet, Omega, Breitling, and other brands you can mention in the same breath.

4. You Cannot Buy Watches At Baselworld

Sounds surprising huh? But that is exactly the case at Baselworld. The festival is more of an exhibition and the latest collections on display are strictly not for sale. The leading brands have stands and the watches and jewellery are housed in glass containers. They are open to the viewing pleasure of the public but they cannot be sold at that point.

There are pre-arranged sessions for members of the press and public who wish to have a closer view of the watches. These sessions take place in closed rooms which are heavily-guarded Considering the fact that one of the major milestones at Baselworld is the meeting between retailers and brand representatives, it makes sense that brands are not allowed to sell at the fair.

5. Baselworld Is Open To The Public, But Is Not Free

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Admission into Baselworld is not free of charge. Although the general public is invited to the show, you are required to present your ticket before you are allowed in. Ticket purchase opens before the event and you can easily purchase the tickets online. When purchasing the ticket, there is a daily option and there is a more cost-effective option that has you covered for the whole week of the event.

6. Baselworld Houses The Finest Collections

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At Baselworld, you’ll see luxury watches and jewellery in all their glory. You’ll literally get tired of admiring the beauties on display. But if you are a luxury watch and jewellery lover, there couldn’t be a more fulfilling experience.

The major brands house their wares in the most flamboyant booths which you could easily mistake for luxury houses. The upcoming brands on the other hands are assigned to modest environments. Nonetheless, you can’t take anything away from the all-round excellence of the environment.

7. The Show Has An App To Help You Navigate Surroundings

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We already mentioned earlier that the size of the Baselworld could be intimidating. Especially for someone who isn’t used to large shows. You can easily get lost while trying to track all the famous brands. But thanks to the Baselworld App (AKA, your rescue guide), you’ll find your way around the venue with a little bit of help.

The app is free on Android, Blackberry and Apple devices and it contains a detailed map of the event, information about exhibitors and their stands, special events at Baselworld and every other information you may need. Moreover, the app is available on the app stores of the respective devices listed or on the official Baselworld website.

8. You Should Plan Ahead If You Wish To Attend

Baselworld attracts a mammoth crowd. It is a tourist attraction on its own so, you need to plan well if you wish to enjoy your stay in Switzerland. It is not uncommon to find out that there are no reservations in hotels close to the city if you do not book early.

Many people opt to lodge in other Swiss cities like Zurich. The transport system is well-developed and you can get fast train rides to Basel from many of these towns. Additionally, if you are taking this option, you should be aware you’ll need to leave Baselworld early because the train services do not work round the clock.


There you have it. Highlighted above are some of the things you need to know about Baselworld. Above all, if you are looking to behold the best sights in the world of luxury watches and jewellery, this is an event you should not miss.

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