8 Classy Rose Gold Watches for Women

While smartwatches might be all the rage today, there’s nothing quite as classy as a classic women’s wristwatch. Of course, some watches are definitely a bit more classy than others. Whether you value designer names, gemstone accents, stunning design detail work, or something else, the right watch will not only set off every ensemble you wear, but will be a fashion statement in and of itself.

While there is no end to the number of timeless, classic design motifs out there, there’s no arguing the fact that rose gold is perhaps the most elegant, evocative option for the discerning woman. Undeniably feminine, yet bold and bright, rose gold offers a beautiful alternative to silver, standard gold, and other standard option s. Not sure which watches to consider? We’ve compiled a list of the top eight classy rose gold watches for women below.

1: Marble Floral from Olivia Burton

olivia burton watch, rose gold watch

This stunning watch combines the beauty and delicacy of rose gold with the timeless appeal of flowers. Designed at the Olivia Burton studio in East London, this watch features a gold-plated mesh wrist strap and a large dial. The face of the dial is designed to look like white marble, with delicate flowers strewn across it, and the hours are marked with Roman numerals. This watch is water resistant to 10 meters.

2: Emporio Armani Women’s Gianni T-Bar Two-Tone Bracelet Watch

emporio armani watch

While this one might not feature actual rose gold, the rose gold-toned hue to the stainless steel is certainly lovely. Of course, it’s also Armani, which means it’s gloriously sumptuous. The watch features a two-tone rose gold-tone stainless steel face and body to mirror the band. The face of the watch features a white crystal dial, rose gold hands, and Roman numerals. This watch is also water resistant to five meters.

3: Olivia Burton White Dial

olivia burton watch

Another option from Olivia Burton, this model features a lovely dove-gray leather band attached to a large watch featuring a rose-gold body. The face of the watch is pure white, which sets off the rose gold hands and Roman numerals very nicely. Timeless yet modern, this watch manages to be both elegant and functional. It is water resistant to one atmosphere, and features quartz movement.

4: Michael Kors Parker

michael kors watch, michael kors

This is one of the most interesting rose gold watches on our list. The Parker features a bold, thick metal and ceramic band with a rose gold tone, surmounted by a large rose gold dial. Three knobs offer control over the chronograph design, all in delicate rose gold. The face of the watch is pink, which sets off the metal very nicely. The bezel features crystals throughout, and the watch uses Japanese quartz movement. Unlike the previous two watches on our list, this one uses standard Arabic numbers, rather than Roman numerals. Note this watch is water resistant to 100 meters.

5: Olivia Burton 3D Bee

olivia burton watch, olivia burton

The third watch from Olivia Burton to make this list, the 3D Bee is elegant and timely. The plight of honeybees worldwide has drawn immense attention, and this beautiful women’s watch helps raise awareness while looking simply stunning. The watch features a rose gold mesh metal band, surmounted by a 38-mm watch body made of rose-gold toned metal. The dial itself is a lovely shade of gray, which perfectly sets off the rose gold Roman numerals, watch hands, and the large three-dimensional bee at the center of the design. This watch is water resistant to 10 meters.

6: Ronde Louis Cartier Watch

cartier, cartier watch, rose gold watch

Perhaps the most luxurious of the watches on our list, the Ronde Louis Cartier Watch features an authentic alligator skin band and a genuine 18-karat rose gold case. The crown is beaded and set with a sapphire cabochon, with a silver-grained dial. Note that the watch features both Arabic numbers and Roman numerals picked out in black against the cream colored dial. The hands are blue-steel, and shaped like apples. Note that the watch face itself measures 29 mm, and the assembly is water resistant to 30 meters.

7: Burberry The City Rose Dial Gold-tone Ladies Watch

burberry, burberry watch, rose gold watch

The only entry from famed Burberry, this watch is elegance personified. It features a beautiful rose gold dial, case and band, with unique geometric designs picked out on the watch face, giving it an abstract appearance. Note that this watch case measures 38 mm, and the assembly is water resistant to 50 meters.

8: Fossil Scarlette Multifunction Rose Gold-tone Stainless Steel Watch

fossil watch, rose gold watch

The Scarlette women’s watch from Fossil features a rose-gold toned stainless steel band with a rose-gold toned case and face. The bezel is surrounded by crystals, evoking the look of diamonds, and the watch’s rose gold hands tie in beautifully with the rest of the overall design. Note that this watch case measures 38 mm, and the assembly is water resistant to 5 ATM.

There you have them – some of the classiest rose gold watches for women on the market today. What do think of these elegant timepieces? Check out more watch options at The Watch Company.

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