Choosing The Best Quartz Watches For You

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You can easily get lost amidst the beautiful and luxurious world of watches. In fact, you are spoilt for choice with different brands that offer ultimate luxury with just their names like Bulgari and Zenith. Many of these high-end timepieces offer complex mechanical inner working, and this may seem like the way to go. However, one mustn’t overlook the quality and craftsmanship of the simple quartz watch.

In this guide, we are going to take you into the beautiful work of the best quartz watches available today. But before we do, what exactly is a quartz watch?

What Is A Quartz Watch?

Quartz crystal is one of the best ways to keep time. These watches use sheets of quartz to create a low-frequency pulse that helps keep time.

The amount of contamination that seeps through the crystal surface of the watch is responsible for accuracy. In addition, oscillation in ringing the crystal. Thus, you get a watch that is highly accurate and incredibly durable.

So now that you have an idea of how the quartz watch works, let’s jump into a list of the best quartz watches in the market today.

Best Quartz Watches

Each watch style shines in its own way. The high-end luxury ones offer finely crafted mechanical internal designs. Here are the best ones in the market today:

1. Tissot PRC200

Tissot PRC200, Quartz Watch, Silver Watch, Analogue Watch, Durable Watch
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Stunningly crafted and super comfortable to wear, this Tissot PRC200 offers all the dependability of the traditional quartz watch combined with the lavish looks of its more expensive competitors. With a wide variety of options for the band and face, you will be able to tailor your watch to your specific styles.

The functionality is impressive as well. It is made from high-grade stainless steel and has the ability to withstand water to expansive depths. These are just some of the reasons why this is an excellent option for watch lovers everywhere.


  • Created in stainless steel with a stationary bezel
  • Has a built-in white dial with day and date window
  • Encased in a 39mm steel case with an anti-reflective dial window
  • Contains an analogue display with Swiss auto movement
  • Closed with a deployment buckle
  • Is water-resistant up to 200m

Price Point

This model can range from $275 to $475 depending on the site you visit. You can also find great deals if you shop around.


  • Comes in multiple models and configurations
  • Safe to wear in water up to 200m
  • Classically designed in the sports watch style
  • Easy to read watch face
  • Can be dressed up and dressed down
  • Is comfortable to wear
  • Is super dependable and accurate


  • May not be as fancy as other models
  • There are issues with finding leather straps that fit this model
  • May be too thick for some users
  • Several issues with the dial

2. Citizen Nighthawk

Citizen Nighthawk, Quartz Watch, Water-resistant Watch, Stainless Steel Watch, Silver Watch
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Solar energy isn’t just for cars and homes. You can use it to power your watch as well. With the Citizen Nighthawk Eco-Drive, you will do just that. Thus, with the ever-changing presence of light both natural and artificial, you will find your battery life will last as long the watch itself (barring any extreme circumstances). It is well crafted with high-end durable materials and is highly water-resistant.


  • Case made of stainless steel and measures 42mm with a mineral dial window
  • Watch face fitted with multiple windows including dual time display, date window, a
    pilot slide rule
  • Has a quartz movement (Japanese style) with an analogue display
  • Has an extended battery life with solar/light charging
  • Fitted with a low -charge indicator and illuminated hands
  • Closure is designed in a push-button style
  • Water-resistant up to 200 metres

Price Point

Normally, you can find this model ranging from $220 – $250 depending on where you search.


  • Has a beautiful design
  • Fits larger wrists easily
  • Built with crowns that screw down for the time, date, and day
  • Is water-resistant up to 200 metres
  • Majority of its links are solid
  • Hands and numbers illuminated for easier readability
  • High durability and quality


  • Has issues with readability due to the size of the date
  • Links at the end are not solid
  • Secondary hand does not light up
  • Watch screen easily scratched due to its crystal design
  • Not synched automatically to an atomic clock

3. Longines Conquest VHP

Longines Conquest VHP, Quartz Watches, Solar Watch, Black Watch, Analogue Watch, Modern Watch
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This Longines Conquest VHP Quartz Watch offers multiple models a configuration thereby making it extremely versatile. With its well-built design, you get high-end internal workings and a sleek designed exterior.


  • Wide variety of models are available
  • The case is crafted in high-grade material and measures 41mm
  • Is water-resistant up to 50 metres
  • Watch face is crafted with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and anti-reflective compound

Price Point

This watch model can range from $700 to $1650 depending on where you find it and which model you choose.


  • The versatility of model options
  • Is designed in a classic style
  • Watch face is made of a scratch-resistant material
  • No reflection issues due to the anti-reflective coating


  • Some consumers feel that some options are too bland
  • Issues with battery life

4. Mondaine Stop2Go

Mondaine Stop2Go, Quartz Watch, Elegant, Swiss, White Watch Face
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This quartz watch comes to us from the company that outfits the Swiss railway with all their clocks. Taking the 2-second functionality used to keep the trains on time, Mondaine includes that feature in this special model.

The Mondaine Stop2Go model offers multiple watch faces and bands, all with high-quality functions and beautiful designs.


  • Designed with easy-to-read white markers and hands
  • Movement of the hands emulate the swiss quartz style
  • Case is crafted in high-grade materials and measures 41mm
  • Is water-resistant up to 99 metres

Price Point

This quartz watch ranges from $650 to $ 700 depending on the configuration and model you choose to go with.


  • Has a simple design with an elegant look
  • Has a built-in 2-second interval
  • A red strap is available to add some colour to your style
  • Considered as the official watches of the swiss railway


  • Price is low compared to models from the same company that look similar
  • The second hand isn’t dependable due to its two-second function

5. Tag Heuer Formula One

Tag Heuer Formula One, Quartz Watch, Silver Bracelet, Blue Dial Face, Analogue Watch
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Tag Heuer has crafted a quartz watch with a nod to their racing history. The Tag Heuer Formula One watch is a high-quality luxury quartz watch that offers durability and high-quality functions. This highly accurate and durable watch is an excellent option for any watch lover.


  • Case is crafted in high-grade stainless steel with a 43mm dimension
  • Hands and index markers illuminate in low light
  • Watch battery is powered by a quartz movement
  • Is water-resistant up to 200 metres
  • Is strap crafted with a double safety system containing a diving extension

Price Point

This quartz watch ranges in price from $900 to $1700 depending on the site you view.


  • Wide variety of timepieces available
  • Is water-resistant up to 200 metres
  • Is well-crafted and durable
  • Incredibly accurate and dependable
  • Unique accents of colour on some models
  • Comes with a great warranty


  • Some models are a little gaudy
  • Price

6. Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33

Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33, Quartz Watch, Polished, Titanium Watch, Silver Bracelet
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ESA (European Space Agency) tested, this quartz watch from Omega offers a wealth of functions built within a highly durable and efficient timepiece. The Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 is a timepiece that any watch lover will enjoy.


  • The case is constructed in brushed, polished titanium with a diameter of 45mm
  • Fitted with omega calibre 5619
  • Watch face designed in scratch-resistant crystal
  • Contains multiple functions in design including chronograph, alarm, 24 hours, perpetual calendar, etc.
  • Watch hands are luminescent
  • The bezel is bi-directional and rotating
  • Is water-resistant up to 30 metres

Price Point

This is a quartz watch that lives in the higher end of the price scale. Normally, you can find this watch ranging anywhere from $ 4600 to $5800.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Digital display offers extra features
  • The quartz movement has been tested by the ESA
  • Able to be dressed up and dressed down easily
  • Ability to turn off LCD to save power
  • Crafted with high-grade material that offers hypoallergenic qualities
  • Domed crystal watch face for less reflectivity
  • Easy to use interface


  • Price
  • Clunky design
  • Functions may be considered excessive
  • Second-hand accuracy issues
  • Is less water-resistant than other models
  • Face coating shows wear and tear easily

7. Braun BN0035

Braun BN0035, Quartz Watch, Black Watch, Leather Watch, Analogue Watch
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This classically designed quartz watch from Braun brings with it a lot of delicate details and high functionality. With attention to the finest detail, this Braun BN0035 model is an excellent classic option for the watch connoisseur.


  • Built with a chronograph and a calendar
  • Case crafted in high-grade stainless-steel measuring 40mm
  • Watch face designed in durable mineral crystal
  • Strap crafted with a mix of good quality leather and high-grade stales steel
  • Is water-resistant up to 165 metres

Price Point

The Braun BN0035 tends to range from $130 to $200 depending on the site you check.


  • Sleek and fashionable design
  • Built-in 3 dial chronograph
  • Available in two colour selections
  • Compact and lightweight yet durable
  • Is water-resistant up to 50 metres


  • Watch may be too tiny in size for some
  • Issues with reset function
  • Issues with leather quality

What is the Most Accurate Quartz Watch?

With our carefully curated list of the best quartz watches, you may be wondering which one is the most accurate of them all. Well none of them to be honest. The most accurate quartz watch happens to come from a company we have already talked about: Citizen.

It is a sleek looking functionality for any timepiece. So let’s look at the Citizen Chronomaster and see what makes it tick. Let us also look at how it found its way to be the most accurate quartz watch available.

Citizen Chronomaster

This watch would most likely amaze watch collectors around the world. Highly accurate and with a sleek design, this quartz watch will be a great fit no matter what event you are heading out to.

Citizen is proud of their work and sticks by their product with a warranty that puts other watch companies to shame. This watch is the best and most accurate watch available today.


  • Quartz movement with high accuracy (+/- 5sec/year)
  • Case constructed with hardened direct titanium
  • Watch face with a dual coating anti-reflective compound
  • A calendar that goes to the year 2100
  • Water-resistant capability up to 100 metres
  • Extended warranty (10 years)
  • Improved battery life for up to 5 years
  • Lightweight and durable materials design

Price Point

Accuracy needs to be paid for, and with this quartz watch, you might need to lay down a little cash. These models can range from $1100 to $1300 on any given site.


  • Is an atomic watch
  • High accuracy (+5 sec/yr)
  • Extensive calendar
  • Great warranty
  • Water-resistant for up to 100 metres
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Has a durable design


  • Price

Final Thoughts

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Photo by Hugo Filipe from Pexels

Whether you are just looking for a tool to tell time or a fashion statement to finish out your look, this list of the best quartz watches has something for you. For those on a budget, you can go for the Braun BN0035, and if you have the cash, you can go from something like the Omega Speedmaster.

One thing is for sure, these quartz watches are high-performing and feature durable options that look great anytime and anywhere you strap them to your wrist. Sure there are more high-tech looking watches that are entirely digital, with an LCD screen and smart device Bluetooth connectivity. But simply put, nothing replaces a classic, and that is what these quartz watches offer.

After learning about the best quartz watch for you, why not check out our list of the Pros and Cons of Solar Watches.

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