Colorful Watches and How to Wear Them

colorful watches

Summer isn’t over yet! The weather is still warm, and the sun continues to shine, so you still have time for some colorful fun with timepieces. From the beach to a backyard barbecue, a colorful watch is a great way to celebrate the season. Here are a few daring options to put on your wrist and some pointers on how to wear them.

Have Some Summer Fun with Swatch

Let’s start with a brand we all know as they’re famous for bringing affordable color-splashed watches to the masses. Swatch. They’re still going strong and offer a multitude of rainbow-rich watches. The Color Studio line has a variety of playful motifs, with animation and fashion-forward designs in vibrant hues. Perfect to add some whimsy to your outfit day or night! The Swatch Color Calendar models have dials that switch up colors according to the date, while the Swatch Color Square watches add rainbow-inspired elegance in semi-transparent cases. And the Swatch Flexipink — well the name says it all!

During summer, consider pairing a colorful watch with an all-white outfit. Or forget about the age-old rule of not wearing white after Labor Day and wear white at any time of the year. However, you choose, a white ensemble will really make your colorful watch pop.

Show Your Love of Color with Luxury Watches

Of course, you can go high-end with a colorful watch. The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 is a great way to have fun with a lively timepiece. A Swiss smartwatch that keeps you connected, the Modular 45 has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and near-field communication to connect to a variety of devices. With a possible 500 combinations, you can choose different straps, bezels, and cases to create almost any color combination you can imagine.

Let’s get deeper into fine-yet-funky watches with Audemars Piguet. The Royal Oak Offshore Diver Chronograph is a perfect watch to close out summer. With a bright yellow strap accented by bold blues, the stainless-steel watch has both luminescent hands and a “Mega Tapisserie” pattern dial that are the signatures of Audemars Piguet chronographs.

With a colorful luxury watch, consider dressing in black-and-white patterns. More subtle than all-white ensembles, a black-and-white approach lets the color on your wrist shine without making it an extreme focal point of your look.

Looking for more luxury with your colorful watch? Perhaps Richard Mille is right for you. With a pink-ceramic and red-gold case, the RM 07-01 is sure to get noticed. A dial that’s adorned with pavé diamonds is also apt to draw some attention — as well as adding to the price tag of $110,000. You’ll have to pay about double that for the Richard Mille RM50-02, a fiery red wonder that was created in conjunction with the elite Formula 1 team McLaren.

A good way to wear these watches is to incorporate similar colors in your clothing. A splash of the same vibrant hue as you have on your wrist can create a wonderfully balanced combination and seamlessly integrate your colorful watch into your overall style.

Still searching for an upscale way to display your love of color? The Jour des Fleurs line by Van Cleef and Arpels has stunning pieces with diamond-encrusted cases and bracelets that are bejeweled with pink and yellow sapphires. Multi-colored sub dials are on display under translucent faces. In the Poetic Complications collection, you’ll find watches with yellow-gold dials and eye-popping red-wine alligator straps.

For something a bit edgier there’s the Hublot Big Bang Broderie. It doesn’t get much bolder than fluorescent-lace designs contrasted by sleek black ceramic. Never be afraid to sport a bit of neon! You can get these bolder-than-bold timepieces in hot pink, malachite green and striking sunflower tones. Select the skull design with pink, blue and yellow gemstones.

To dress with a watch that has an explosion of color, it’s a good idea to downplay your look. You don’t need more than jeans and a t-shirt to make an impression with an audacious fashion statement on your wrist. For watches that are dominated by one color, dressing with complementary colors is advisable. Go online to find a color wheel. You can easily see what colors pair well with your vibrant watch.

Take a Seasonal Approach

A farewell to warm weather doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to colorful watches. Franck Muller’s Round collection proves that. With more than 400 multi-colored gemstones, the Four Seasons Double Mystery watch puts on a shimmering show that’s perfect for any time of the year.

The four-seasons approach is also a good idea to see what color is right for you. Stylists have long used skin tone to determine the best look, as we all fall into one of the Summer, Winter, Spring, and Autumn categories. Summer is a cool skin tone with accents of blue with pink or red undertones. Blue accessories work well. Winter is another cool tone that also favors blue hues. Spring skin tones are warmer with golden accents. Consider a watch in the orange spectrum. Autumn is also warmer with yellow undertones and corresponding yellow timepieces work well.

However, you select your colorful watch, there is really only one thing to remember — have fun. You’ve chosen to share some of your carefree spirit with the world by showing it on your wrist, so you may as well enjoy it.

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