10 Things to Know About Cartier Watches

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Luxury, simplicity, class, and elegance- all of these attributes in a single watch can be quite hard to find at times. The Cartier tank collection is one of the unique watch collections inspired by history and some new traditions that originated more than a century ago. Cartier watches are known for their luxurious nature and their unique style and designs in both old and modern wristwatches. However, there are some intriguing things that you might need to know that will help explain the popularity of the brand:

1: The first wristwatch of its kindcartier watch

Interestingly, the first wristwatch to appear in the region was the Cartier wristwatch.  Before that, a watch was considered as the pocket accessory or a piece of jewelry at the time. The first Cartier wristwatch was for Aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont who was a close companion of Cartier. The history contributes to the fame associated with the unique collection. The first watch Santos was just the start of a functional and an elite selection of wristwatches that still has a lot of value, giving you more reasons to admire the classical collection.

2: A complicated building process

There is particular attention given to the construction of such watches. There are various models designed using 3D images to predict the longevity of the watches.  Plus, with the help of 3D printers, wax models are produced to know more about the structure and design.

3: The unique curved glass

An exceptional quality of the Cartier Tank is the specially designed curved glass used. There are handmade crystals used based on the user preferences like Sapphire crystal. The glass mineral is the clearest choice used for the curve shape which gives the watches a striking look.cartier watch, cartier

4: Hand polished watches

Like most of the renowned watch manufacturers in the region, the Cartier collection requires careful evaluation. After being painted and constructed through CNC machine processes, experts polishing the watch. There is extreme care and attention given to this which involves checking all the links multiple times to see if any surface is left unpolished.

5: Handmade structures

The Cartier tank watch consists of numerous delicate components that cannot be inserted by the use of a machine. In this case, such elements are meticulously hand-inserted with careful assessment and care to accomplish a flawless structure.

6: Unisex watchesCartier Clé de Cartier, cartier watch

The design and the build of the structure indicate that the Cartier watches are not gender specific. There are both masculine and feminine properties inserted simultaneously making the watches perfect for any gender on any occasion. Having such a feature contributes to the elegance of the collection giving you more reasons to get a hold of one of the classics.

7: Celebrity’s favorite

There are a lot of notable personalities who have worn and are still big admirers of the luxury brand. Princess Diana, Gary Cooper, Angelina Jolie and J.F Kennedy make up the list of the famous personalities having worn the historical collection. The watch serves as a prestige source for many essential personalities around the world resulting in a lot of attention to the excellent qualities of the brand.

8: Unique jewelry inspired collections

The company is known for producing the best jewelry inspired wristwatches. The Panther jewel introduced in 1914 and the ‘Secret Watch’ with phoenix jewels are prime examples of the unique collection. The Secret Watch, in particular, is made from more than 3000 diamonds which portrays the importance given to the jewelry input in modern and traditional wristwatches by the renowned brand.

9: One of the most valuable watch brands

Cartier Calibre de Cartier, cartier watch

The expensive jewelry inspired wristwatches to form the company based in numerous locations worldwide- the Forbes listed Cartier Tank Watch collection as the 58th most valuable brand in the world. That portrays the reason for the expensive line of unique watches. The collection is mostly made for the elite with a little input of history adding to its already high value.

10: Building time and efficient functions

It is natural that the collection takes ample amount of time to introduce a new piece in the market. The unique building process involves the insertion of numerous features that are divided professionally in the structure. The Cartier watches are known for taking up lesser kinetic energy than ordinary watches and provides more efficient options alongside some trendy designs.

If you are looking to add some class and some meaning to your collection, the Cartier Tank collection makes up a worthy investment.

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